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My 8-5 as a Recruiter…

Hey my loves… finding a career that you love and can pay you enough to buy you “happiness”, can be a bit tricky. This post is to give you a glimpse into me day as a recruitment consultant… Education required: HR, Psychology, Marketing Years Experience: From graduate level Salary: okay but commission is great Satisfaction:… Continue reading My 8-5 as a Recruiter…

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Every year we make resolutions… to stop whatever bad habit or nonsense that we would have gotten into the previous year or even one’s entire year! I for one do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions… they just pull you back. You literally have to wait for 365 days, to make a plan.  I… Continue reading 2016… MAKE IT COUNT!


I have figured out life

  AH!!! Finally i have figured a way to make it in life.  I have been wondering how to make your day productive and for you to feel accomplished. As a recent graduate… times are tough. Keeping an 8-5 job is hard. Seeing the rewards for hard work even tougher. Two things will make you… Continue reading I have figured out life


How to Create Your Vision Board : 2014

Originally posted on Healingmindbodyspirit:
? You Need:  Cut outs from magazines, pritt x 2, a huge cardboard, IMAGINATION, Good Music. Create it with your partner!!! Step 1 : Collect magazines and cut out pictures and words that INSPIRE you! Step 2 : Start pasting some of the Pictures on your Cardboard, try combining pictures with…

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My battle with weight loss

It is common knowledge that Hot summer bodies are made in winter! I mean ladies, no more hiding behind those winter clothes. You know what I am referring to… normal ladies; your black stockings, bossed up; your winter power suits and ratchets…. those tights are not pants!(i just had to say it AGAIN) And to… Continue reading My battle with weight loss