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A pork-less Life

As the Sabbath ¬†Friday Vespers begins… l am forced to think which Sabbath lunch to prepare and it is making me hungry! Nevertheless, today i would like to comment and put in writing my opinion and bash some myths regarding my pork-less life! Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian or recently decided to give the meat-free… Continue reading A pork-less Life

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My battle with weight loss

It is common knowledge that Hot summer bodies are made in winter! I mean ladies, no more hiding behind those winter clothes. You know what I am referring to… normal ladies; your black stockings, bossed up; your winter power suits and ratchets…. those tights are not pants!(i just had to say it AGAIN) And to… Continue reading My battle with weight loss

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Women’s day ideas!

It women’s month and we are geting emancipated in leaps and bounds since the time we decided to take a stand! I had an early women’s day experience at the La’ Lexxie resort! So here are a few ideas of how to spend the women’s day holiday!!! Do all five…or pick one! Just make sure… Continue reading Women’s day ideas!


Whats for Lunch?

Fruit salad…sweet and filling! Fruit Salad As you all know I have been studying at the library. The problem now is there is no food store anywhere nearby! Then my friends and I discovered the fruit shop across the road! For R20…a healthy lunch is made! My favorite yummy one is the mixed fresh fruit… Continue reading Whats for Lunch?