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Are we safe in Midrand?

We have all heard the stories of muggings behind the apartments that are close by the Gautrain station, the two boys from MGI that came back one day in their boxers because thieves stole their clothes and shoes… (where were they coming from?), the ladies that make you give them all your belongings….(is it stupidity… Continue reading Are we safe in Midrand?

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A week without water in Jozi…

Last week was traumatic for me to say the least! No water…..okay I do come from Zimbabwe and there is no water and electricity at times. So Fie, a week only? Come on… Thursday Imagine this, you come back from work and …no ¬†water and its 3 house mates in an apartment in Midrand. We… Continue reading A week without water in Jozi…

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My birthday wish list!!

Birthday!!!! Shrink does not take credit for picture 30 June is around the corner!!! Only once a year am I allowed to be narcissistic! I am sure my boyfriend has had enough of my birthday plans…but nevertheless birthdays do come once a year! Last year’s birthday was one of my favorite. I got to appreciate… Continue reading My birthday wish list!!