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How to marry a Zimbabwean lady my foot!!

Hi my lovelies! Just this morning, l was strolling down the streets of twitter and l came across an article that bamboozled me! At first I thought it was  joke but alas… it was not. It is titled “How to pick the perfect wife in Zimbabwe“. In other words it is to give tools to… Continue reading How to marry a Zimbabwean lady my foot!!

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Finding Love again

Well, to those who have been in love lane, they know that the road to true love is not an easy path. Especially if you are chasing the fairytale “Mr right” “woman of your dreams” which ever rocks your boat. I will say this though because I know some are already thinking…. here she goes… Continue reading Finding Love again

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are boys really like buses…

  Once you break up with someone, everyone tells you, hell, you even tell yourself that boys are like buses, if you miss one, you can always catch another! But are they really??? Let’s be real, even if they are like buses… Its never the same. • You might not get a window seat •different… Continue reading are boys really like buses…

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Are relationships just for girls?

oops!!!! Ok, so its 2013 but I assure you, but I will bring back chivalry or my name is not Fitho Lynn! In my opinion, men are getting the better deal out of life. We fought for women’s rights and he is no longer the hunter, or laborer. What are the men doing then? You… Continue reading Are relationships just for girls?