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A pork-less Life

As the Sabbath  Friday Vespers begins… l am forced to think which Sabbath lunch to prepare and it is making me hungry! Nevertheless, today i would like to comment and put in writing my opinion and bash some myths regarding my pork-less life! Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian or recently decided to give the meat-free… Continue reading A pork-less Life

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My 8-5 as a Recruiter…

Hey my loves… finding a career that you love and can pay you enough to buy you “happiness”, can be a bit tricky. This post is to give you a glimpse into me day as a recruitment consultant… Education required: HR, Psychology, Marketing Years Experience: From graduate level Salary: okay but commission is great Satisfaction:… Continue reading My 8-5 as a Recruiter…

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Every year we make resolutions… to stop whatever bad habit or nonsense that we would have gotten into the previous year or even one’s entire year! I for one do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions… they just pull you back. You literally have to wait for 365 days, to make a plan.  I… Continue reading 2016… MAKE IT COUNT!

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How to marry a Zimbabwean lady my foot!!

Hi my lovelies! Just this morning, l was strolling down the streets of twitter and l came across an article that bamboozled me! At first I thought it was  joke but alas… it was not. It is titled “How to pick the perfect wife in Zimbabwe“. In other words it is to give tools to… Continue reading How to marry a Zimbabwean lady my foot!!

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I am back…

Hi sweet things… I actually wrote my 1st post after this sabbatical yesterday but the draft did not save, ran out of data before it could send…its tough out here. lets try again! Thank you guys for reading my work even though i had taken leave for no valid reason really. Truth is, i was… Continue reading I am back…

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Originally posted on LadyLebz:
There are minor, but in my eyes major, things that irritate or nauseate me to the core. If you sincerely call yourself my friend or my loved one, please don’t do these things to me: Don’t eat my cereal. I love my cereal to the core, and I consider it an…