Fie Matsa

My name is Fitho Lynn and I am a 20 something Zimbabwean currently living in South Africa, but originally from a small town, (Gweru) in Zimbabwe. I am obsessed with anything feminine and lately… home decor. (hello mum!)

The blog

I have been working on and off on this blog for a couple of years now. My blog started as a relationship page, then moved onto a natural hair blog… i also went through a phase of struggling to find a name for my blog. On that score, i think i will stick to my name as the site’s address as that will be constant always… (unless i get hitched that is… but for now… Sweet Mocha, simply because chocolate is forever…

Life in a nutshell

I think i have struggled to find myself or to answer the question of (who am i) and the disorganization in the blog shows… but i have learnt one thing through this process… let go and live life! if you wake up and you no longer love pink, who cares!!

I hope you enjoy my posts as I go along

Best wishes!!

Fitho Lynn xoxo