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Beyonce, A glass of Lemonade please!


Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that Beyonce is Bae and she dropped her new Album over the weekend Lemonade. As expected, a master piece!

I do have a few issues though. The lemonade Lyrics allude that Jay-Z has a roving eye. Now the lyrics are very touching and I am sorry that the Queen had to go through that. Read Cosmopolitan article here that dissects the entire song

However, l have a few issues that i would like to air out on Antiquated & Alive with all the key players

  1. Jay.. how could you cheat on Bey. The disrespect alone is unspeakable!!
  2. Beyonce… now everyone knows your dirty laundry and it gives men/boys an impression that any girl can be cheated on. I mean, if it can be done to Beyonce, what is so special about you.
  3. Beck with the good hair.. l mean, come on! Can people just stop the man snatching and destroy families, we are just tired of this.

The question though is, who should be crucified?? I think Becky and Jay should both be under the census. He cheated and she went after a married man.


Beyonce wins all the time… All what this drama has done is to Build a HYPE for Bey and she is definitely cashing in!

All i can say is…Best revenge is your paper!


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