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My 8-5 as a Recruiter…


Hey my loves… finding a career that you love and can pay you enough to buy you “happiness”, can be a bit tricky. This post is to give you a glimpse into me day as a recruitment consultant…
Education required: HR, Psychology, Marketing
Years Experience: From graduate level
Salary: okay but commission is great
Satisfaction: 4/5… (selling humans is tough)
Reality: A lot of client facing and less HR duties
Myths: I get jobs for people. (I actually get people for roles available)



05.50: Switches off the alarm

06.30: Jumps out of bed…. shower,clothes, keys…..dashes out

07.15: The Gautrain is packed but I manage to find a seat and lucky me… bus to Rivonia is about to leave and there is literally no traffic. yeeay!! (starts staring and judging people’s outfits.

07.55: Settle on my desk and checks emails; responds to some important one. Checking my emails is always top of my list. I get lots of emails overnight containing applicants CV’s for my current jobs, as well as from people who are keen to register with us. With the types of jobs I work on, I more often than not, receive a large amount of applications. So I have to work quickly and efficiently to review all the CV’s and get them processed on our systems.I then write down my to-do list and update my outlook. (as well as look for Kushinga on FaceBook)

08.30: Colleagues come in and we chat a little bout last night events and this morning’s     chaos… (having kids must be tough).


08.45: We have a 15 minute Office division team ‘huddle’ every morning to go through the jobs we have on. It helps our team to refer candidates to each other. We all meet and hear from so many people and not everyone can be right for a role we are recruiting at that time, but they might be perfect for something that someone else in the team is working on.

9.15: I now get on the phone and start calling applicants to have an initial chat with them. I like to establish their level of interest in the role they’ve applied for, as well as their potential suitability.

It’s amazing how many people apply for a role that actually they are not that enthused about. It’s still great to speak to them though to see if there are any other roles we might be to work with them on.

10.30: If I have spoken to a candidate that matches a brief from one of our clients, I will look to set up a meeting with them to get them registered. I prefer to do this in person but if we can’t do that for whatever reason, I will set up a Skype call. The purpose of this meeting is go into further detail about the candidates’ skills, work history, personality, motivations and establish what type of company and role they will be best suited to.



12.30: ooops… i got carried away and oh well. (LUNCH TIME) The cereal that was supposed to be breakfast will have to do.

13.30: New jobs are loaded onto the system. I put up adverts for that. Interview a few people sourced on job portals and resumes sent to clients

15:30: Follow up on people who went out for interviews and how it went as well as getting client feedback. (productive day indeed). (Might as well call past candidates and work on some HR/IR issues with clients over the phone)

16.30: An offer comes through. woooot wooot. (quickly calculates the commission) With a big grin, l call the candidate to present the offer and convince them to take it…. or think about it over night. Whilst i call the CLIENT to increase the offer.





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