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Every year we make resolutions… to stop whatever bad habit or nonsense that we would have gotten into the previous year or even one’s entire year! I for one do not believe in making New Year’s resolutions… they just pull you back. You literally have to wait for 365 days, to make a plan.  I believe in Mondays…

Mondays are given a bad rep but honestly.. they are an opportunity for change. So just a quick one, what did i decide to change this Monday…

  1. Going back to the gym full time.
  2. Sticking to two meals a day.
  3. Budgeting, budgeting and more budgeting.
  4. Finishing to watch THE WALKING DEAD (YES, the show gets better from season 3)
  5. Study… the hustle of an academic


All in all, Enjoy your 2016. If you want to make it your year of sleeping, why not? Just make sure that you are in control of your life and you only have one. Go on and live it!

Lots of Love

Fie xoxo



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