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Are we safe in Midrand?

The Boulders...
The Boulders…

We have all heard the stories of muggings behind the apartments that are close by the Gautrain station, the two boys from MGI that came back one day in their boxers because thieves stole their clothes and shoes… (where were they coming from?), the ladies that make you give them all your belongings….(is it stupidity on our side, some psych-mastermind game or plain muti) or sadly… the missing girls that are found dead days later!!!!

My answer is YES! We are perfectly safe in Midrand. Make no mistake, there are some dangerous and creepy things happening everywhere. However, there are certain adjustments that one should make to stay safe in Midrand.

Key guidelines to living in Midrand

  • Never talk to strangers… sounds easy enough hey. You will be surprised as to how many strangers you talk to especially in the shopping center. The lady at the till, the guy that comments on your selections. Be cautious and do not engage with them. A simply nod or smile (apply appropriate response) and keep it moving
  • Use public transport…. No matter where you are, a taxi/venture/quantum/kombi is bound to come along. There is no reason for you to hitch-hike. It is NOT safe. Even though the driver is in a nice car and especially if he is hott! RUN AWAY!!!
  • NO, It is not the Nigerians... People are scared of the Naija boys in the area. I think its the “decent” looking people that people should be wary of. (sheep in wolves clothing).
  • Lastly, the homeless people that are around McDonalds are actually nice people. Your best bet when in trouble!

Keep your pepper spray close by!



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