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Jacarandas are in full bloom!!! oh no!!!

The Jacaranda tree in full bloom As long as l can remember, the jacaranda has been an important part of my life! A source of agony if you may. In kindergarten, it used to cause alergic reactions to my eyes…as I grew older it was a sign of other important things. Let’s go into these… Continue reading Jacarandas are in full bloom!!! oh no!!!

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Thinking of keeping natural hair???

My first steam and go!!! (Friday hair) My hair has been natural for 8 months now. The decision to do the big chop came by accident. I asked my mum to trim my chemically weakened hair and boom, I was left with a kinky twa. how has been the journey? To be honest, natural hair… Continue reading Thinking of keeping natural hair???

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basic summer supplies

Yeay!!! Its summer time…I love the sun dresses, skirts, open shoes, late nights and other things one might associate summer with. However, summer comes with its own nasty poor body hygiene which just stinks up a classroom, taxis and suddenly summer is one blob of green slimy smells… I have put together products which will… Continue reading basic summer supplies