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Are relationships just for girls?

oops!!!! Ok, so its 2013 but I assure you, but I will bring back chivalry or my name is not Fitho Lynn! In my opinion, men are getting the better deal out of life. We fought for women’s rights and he is no longer the hunter, or laborer. What are the men doing then? You… Continue reading Are relationships just for girls?

a girls' guide · love · relationships

My 50 shades of grey wish!

Dear Fie…no stamp, but still captures my heart *always* No no, I am not having violent sexual relations or anything like that. I, being from the human race, I know what you are thinking! However, let’s get on with this piece! After reading the entire trilogy. Which was too expensive on my student budget I… Continue reading My 50 shades of grey wish!

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Women’s day ideas!

It women’s month and we are geting emancipated in leaps and bounds since the time we decided to take a stand! I had an early women’s day experience at the La’ Lexxie resort! So here are a few ideas of how to spend the women’s day holiday!!! Do all five…or pick one! Just make sure… Continue reading Women’s day ideas!