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how to select THE ONE

Writing my wish list! This year’s post birthday piece is about what I look for in a guy. A year more of wisdom grants me the right to give advice on such matters! Experience over time being my ticket! The most frequent question I get asked is Fie, what do you look for in a… Continue reading how to select THE ONE

a girls' guide · love · relationships

the ROYAL baby watch in Africa!

The Royal baby bump You would think that the baby fever would only hit England but not quite! All babies are cute thus they deserve some attention. Secondly, real legit royalty is a big deal. In my life time a real prince or princess will be born. So in africa, this is what I am… Continue reading the ROYAL baby watch in Africa!

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fake African winter 2013

Fake winter outfit: top-marks&spencer Jeans-Mr Price Shoes-Jet jacket-from London Am I the only one alarmed by the fact that there has been no winter this year! Is this amargedon? What is the clock at the weather summit saying. Last I checked we were at five minutes to doom! Conspiracy theories! Another thought could be that… Continue reading fake African winter 2013