Fitho’s 2* birthday!!!

birthday girl!!!! My birthday was on a Sunday *June 30th princess* (Slow boring day), so the best possible place to celebrate my 2*th birthday was Sandton city. It was much enjoyed with my best buddy Hazel!!! Today…no lessons or opinions but pictures of my day!!! oh, and to everyone who called, sent texts, facebooks, tweets…thank… Continue reading Fitho’s 2* birthday!!!

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De-crust your life!

Be you!!!! Ever wondered why some things are just the way they are? Or you wish you could change them? It would be in ones best interest to just accept some things. Most people have languished or for the lack of a better word, ruined their lives in the pursuit of things which can not… Continue reading De-crust your life!

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My birthday wish list!!

Birthday!!!! Shrink does not take credit for picture 30 June is around the corner!!! Only once a year am I allowed to be narcissistic! I am sure my boyfriend has had enough of my birthday plans…but nevertheless birthdays do come once a year! Last year’s birthday was one of my favorite. I got to appreciate… Continue reading My birthday wish list!!

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The PERFECT woman

purple cloth:royalty. (shrink does not take credit for picture) When people hear that a good woman\wife is one who submits we all think of slavery, abuse, being taken advantage of and so on! Watching Big Brother Africa has inspired me as to what a perfect woman does. It is not her looks, body, or witty… Continue reading The PERFECT woman


Whats for Lunch?

Fruit salad…sweet and filling! Fruit Salad As you all know I have been studying at the library. The problem now is there is no food store anywhere nearby! Then my friends and I discovered the fruit shop across the road! For R20…a healthy lunch is made! My favorite yummy one is the mixed fresh fruit… Continue reading Whats for Lunch?